Our corporate objective:

"Protect, maintain and shape the environment"

As a foundation company, Boysen always considers conservation of the natural world and the quality of life of future generations. Our stated corporate objective is: "Protect, maintain and shape the environment". From this we derive our three environmental principles.


  1. We are leaders in the development of innovative technologies for emission control, noise reduction and energy conversion - making a significant contribution to the effective reduction of pollutant and noise emissions.
  2. We commit ourselves – together with our business partners – to the continuous improvement of our testing, production and logistics processes in order to consistently reduce the resulting environmental impact and resource consumption.
  3. We promote science and research in the field of environmental protection, meet all legal requirements and do far more than the law requires to realize forward-looking energy concepts.


This is demonstrated by Friedrich Boysen GmbH & Co. KG's continuously optimised environmental management system, which is certified in compliance with the international standard ISO 14001, and is validated and registered under the European Union's environment programme EMAS (Eco-Management
and Audit Scheme). A key element of our participation in EMAS is the creation and publication of an environmental declaration. This sets out in detail our environment-related activities along with corresponding environmental data, such as resource and energy consumption. Our environmental officer will be happy to provide a printed copy on request. Some examples are briefly outlined below:

Environmental Certificate

Here, you can download our Environmental certificate.


Ongoing optimisation

The Friedrich Boysen GmbH & Co. KG EMAS logo documents the continuous improvement of our environmental performance and the consistent involvement of all employees.

Vision achieved

CO2-optimised "Turmfeld" production plant in Altensteig - uses solar and geothermal energy, natural cooling and waste heat recovery from welding gas extraction systems

Forward together

Partnership in the DESIRE preliminary development project supported by the German government (innovative SCR concepts for inner-city real-life driving efficiency)

Thinking ahead

Internal development projects in the field of combined heating and power plants for residential houses and in the areas of photovoltaics, wind, water and biomass power plants

Sustainable action

Foundation-based funding of research projects in environmental technology - with an annual subsidy amount of approximately one million Euro for projects at the University of Stuttgart, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and the Dresden University of Technology