Specialist in exhaust technology:

We are Boysen

Boysen is a specialist in exhaust technology. At 28 sites worldwide, our 5,300 employees develop and produce exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters, particulate filters, silencers, trims and complete exhaust systems for cars, commercial vehicles and off-highway applications.

In addition, we are currently tackling the ongoing digitisation of our business processes, product transfers – from exhaust technology to alternative drives – as well as new developments in the areas of energy and environmental technology. Among other things, we have been manufacturing structural components for electric vehicles since the beginning of 2021 and are pushing ahead with the development of battery casings and hydrogen tank systems for the commercial vehicle sector (4-16 bar liquid, 700 bar gaseous). Additional key building blocks of our future strategy include the production of sustainable energy storage systems and fuel cells, as well as the energy-efficient production of hydrogen. In this context, we are also represented as a partner company in the state-wide research partnerships "Fuel Cell BW" (Brennstoffzelle BW) and "Electromobility South-West" (Elektromobilität Süd-West).

The basis for our innovative approach is our headquarters - the development and administration centre at Altensteig in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. Our major customers include the German vehicle manufacturers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche and VW, the English brands Bentley and Rolls Royce and the commercial vehicle manufacturers Daimler Truck and MAN.

Alongside our development expertise, one of the key features of our operations is that we are able to offer just-in-sequence (JIS) production and delivery of complete exhaust systems. As a system partner to the automotive industry, we are well aware of our customers' increasing requirements. We are deeply involved in all processes, continuously optimise our internal procedures and demonstrate our great strength when it comes to combining specialist knowledge with imagination. This is the only way to deliver tailored solutions that look to the future and provide our partners with crucial competitive advantages.

Linked to this is a clear performance promise:

We are Boysen. We do it better.

We work every day on reducing harmful emissions from combustion engines.

And our dream is that one day, with the help of Boysen exhaust technology, it will be possible to totally eliminate harmful substances from combustion engine emissions.

Rolf Geisel, Boysen Group CEO