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Boysen develops LH2 storage system

The hydrogen-powered fuel cell offers enormous potential for operating heavy duty vehicles economically and at the same time in an environmentally friendly manner. With a new storage system for heavy duty vehicles, the Boysen Group has set itself the goal of bringing the future to the road. Boysen is fully committed to the use of liquid hydrogen (LH2).

Concept development of the new LH2 storage system began at the end of 2020. Boysen already has corresponding prototypes on the test bench. In 2023, the system should be approved for test drives by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority and finally go into series production in 2027.

Further information can be found in the flyer "LH2 storage system for heavy duty vehicles".


Here you have the possibility to download the flyer about the Boysen LH2 storage system for heavy duty vehicles.



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